I have over fifteen years of technical writing experience, one fortified with a background in IT and technical support. Whether you need layman-friendly material like instruction manuals that are actually usable and training materials that actually teach, or highly technical documents like hardware/software specifications and guides to what every single field in your enterprise SQL database connects to, I can help.

Below are a few sample pieces, some from past work, others created from scratch.

User guide I wrote for Ormed Information Systems' Purchasing component

User guide I wrote for Ormed Information Systems' Requisitioning component

Requirements sheet I wrote for Ormed Information Systems

Data protection sheet I wrote for Ormed Information Systems

I have also written blog posts and case studies for Sunco:

While my professional experience is extensive and diverse, much of what I have worked on is confidential, and thus I cannot show every project I have been involved in.

That said, I am always eager to prove my skills. If you feel I'd be a good fit for your organization but need to test my capabilities, contact me.

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